Design and Project_ marketing and communication strategy

For the Open Studio event, MIRO Architetti organized a friendly conversation regarding the theme of architectural project for commercial activities and on how this influences the scenarios and the possible evolution of the sales spaces, paying particular attention to communication language and marketing.

Dedicated especially to traders, restaurateurs, food bloggers, professionals in the food & beverage sector, HORECA and to those who intend to start business.

Quality design and good projects, always pay!
DESIGN is not just AESTHETICS, but stands as a great tool for MARKETING and COMMUNICATION. BEAUTIFUL spaces but above all SUCCESSFUL spaces.

We are now witnessing an important evolution that involves the customers that are always looking for a unique experience to live and share. Being able to satisfy this request makes an important contribution to determining the success or failure of commercial activity. We will reflect on how the architectural project affects this objective and what are the right strategy to adopt.

During the event there will be a series of pecha kucha of professionals experts in this sector:

MIRO architetti
Loop Multimedia
Elisa Bersani
Craq Design Studio

For adhesions and info: MIRO architetti

Phone. 051 9845770

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