Disordine_Rassegna di architettura in città

11.04.2018 , H 18:00, Librerie.coop Ambasciatori, Bologna

During the exhibition “Disordine_rassegna di architettura in città”, MIRO Architects will take part and talk at the inaugural meeting of the exhibition “Progetti degli architetti bolognesi_Residenze pubbliche e private” as the youngest architects selected.

From 21 March to 21 June 2018 Archibo – architetturaibologna contaminates the city with DISORDINE _Rassegna di architettura in città.
Three months in which the Order of Architects of Bologna is directly in contact with inhabitants, institutions, administrations and protagonists of today in our territory in order to promote and enhance the professional figure of the Architect as an added value for the common good .

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MIcROvilla on Rivista Progetti_15

An article about our MIcROvilla on the last issue of Rivista Progetti with a special focus on Bologna Architecture, presented on October 27th 2018 during the #Bolognadesignweek in the Tematic showroom

Design and Project_ marketing and communication strategy

During Open Studio, MIRO Architetti organized a friendly conversation about architectural project for commercial spaces.
19.05.2018, H 18: 00-22: 00, Studio MIRO.
Info: info@miroarchitetti.com
Phone. 051 9845770