MADE expo through the eyes of leading architects…wielding an action cam.

Here’s where the show gets to interact with exhibitors and
industry professionals in a way that’s anything but conventional, staged in
conjunction with Towant.

Forty selected architects will try their hand at film-making using an action cam to record what’s going on at MADE expo. The videos will be screened every day in a special party space, and they’re bound to go viral!

Latest news


On thursday 13th June 2019 MIRO Architetti will be one of the guests at Archibiike 2019 in Bologna, in collaboration with Towant Architectural Events.

A bike ride through the places and spaces suggested by the architects.

Open! Studi Aperti 2019

During the third edition of Open! Studi Aperti MIRO architetti and Lavì City will open their doors to the public. On saturday 25th May 2019you can visit the courts and the exhibitions in this characteristic Bolognese context.
From 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
@Via Sant’Apollonia