Was founded in Bologna in 2009 by Valentina Cicognani, Giacomo Minelli and Riccardo Pedrazzoli. It deals with design at different scales, dedicating to each of them the same passion, curiosity and invention.
In almost ten years of activity MIRO has developed the experience and competence to manage all the phases of the design process from the analysis to the construction, always striving to find in the final result the same quality and poetry of the first sketch.
MIRO’s portfolio includes several built interior projects, installations and settings, competition entries in the field of architecture and design. The office is active in Italy, China and Middle east.
The three partners are also active in the field of University teaching, in the research and in the public debate around the architecture of our times.


Born in Bologna from a Trentine family he studied architecture in Ferrara and Gothenburg. Once earned his master degree in 2004 he collaborated with Italian and Austrian offices and worked as a freelance prior to found MIRO. He’s taught architectural design in Ferrara (Department of Architecture) from 2006 and 2017 and urban planning technique in Trento (Faculty of architectural engineering) from 2011 to 2015 and he’s been tutor in several international workshops. After a two years experience as visiting professor at the Lebanese American University he recently moved back to Italy. He is now based in Bologna and Trento.


After the studies in Architecture in Ferrara and a the Chalmers Tekniska Högskola of Gothenburg she began her career in 2004 in Austria. Once back to Italy she collaborated with architectural practices and took part to independent workgroups before cofounding MIRO in 2009. Assistant professor at the Department of Architecture of Ferrara from 2007 to 2017 and research assistant for the University of Bologna in 2010, she participated as tutor to several workshops in Italy, Middle East and Asia.


Born in Bologna, he studied architecture at University of Ferrara and Universidad Catolica of Santiago de Chile. Once graduated in 2009 he contributed briefly with the SKF collective before founding MIRO in the same year. He’s been assistant professor at the Department of Architecture of Ferrara and tutor in workshops in Turkey and India.


Alexandra Andronachi (RO), Magdalena Bronowicka (PL), Marta Buisán Galan (E), Cosmin Cadis Marius (RO), Andreea Carabus (RO), Anna Contati (IT), Valentina Coppola (IT), Francesco D’Andrea (IT), Rocio Diaz Marrero (E), Francesca Dondi (IT), Alvaro Etcheverria (E), Emanuel Falappa (IT), Lorenzo Fantino (IT), Chiara Ferioli (IT), Michele Filippini (IT), Micol Gelsi (IT), Benedetta Giancristofaro (IT), Milka Gjeorgieva (MK), Elena Gomez (E), Azza Hajjar (RL), Linda Ivarsson (SE), Nicole Lichtenegger (A), Alice Lodi (IT), Sarah Oppenlænder Lørup (DK), Michal Magnuszewski (PL), Markella Matsioula (GR) Wioleta Mikołajek (PL), Matilde Merizzi (IT), Beatrice Monti (IT), Gianluca Muscas (IT), Giorgia Notaro (IT), Stefano Ortolani (IT), Silvio Pennesi (IT), Giulia Prosperi (IT), Giulia Rimondi (IT), Andrea Roma (IT), Carmen Romero Ortiz (E), Matteo Salvo (IT), Annamaria Santarcangelo (IT), Elisabeth Schulz (D), Damiano Sommacal (IT) Ilaria Spina (IT), Angela Spinelli (IT), Deyana Stareva (BG), Anna Stoyanova (BG), Emanuele Tona (IT), Stefania Teodora Vede (RO), Paulina Wolniak (PL), Marta Zonarelli (IT), Gemma Zoppitelli (IT)