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RESIDUI – urban elements | Livio Ninni

Curated by Laura Fattorini

4.02 – 17.03.2018

OPENING: Saturday 3 of February h.18

On the occasion of Bologna Art Week 2018, SetUp Contemporary Art Fair (the contemporary art fair directed by Simona Gavioli and Alice Zannoni) promotes in the SetUp Plus circuit the photographic exhibition RESIDUI – urban elements by Livio Ninni. Curated by Laura Fattorini, the exhibition opens on Saturday 3 February 2018 at 5 pm at MIRO Gallery (via Sant’Apollonia, 25 – Bologna).

THE EXHIBITION RESIDUI is urban decadence, it is what remains gray in cities, it is iron and it is cement; it is the fascination of an impenetrable and adrenaline world, but it is also an intrinsic force of nature and creativity. RESIDUI is the large project by Livio Ninni, the photographer who, after years of urban artists and jam around cities and abandoned places in Italy, takes his research to a deeper level, creating an introspective link with the urban matter that surrounds it. Entering the spaces that draw the landscape of the city to admire its degradation and splendor, Livio Ninni relates with urban elements such as iron, cement and wood, seeking comparison between these and his artistic expression.

The RESIDUI reportage is the result of ongoing research that considers the state and the degradation of the elements of the city to document the processes and transformations and also highlights how nature invariably tries to regain possession of the land that has been deprived of it by making itself space with force between the cement. The shots, which sometimes immortalise some urban artists who paint on the walls in a state of neglect, are an attempt to denounce the waste, the controversies and the political speculations on the unaware reuse of the buildings. Livio Ninni, conscious presence among the urban elements, then reflects on the negligence of the administrations, contributing to the construction of a more conscious collective memory. Exploring the RESIDUI scenarios it is possible to find oneself in an intimate dimension, but oriented towards the public context; RESIDUI therefore offers a personal vision of the space that arises from an accurate historical, cultural and social observation and which aims at creating a creative future for the city.

The RESIDUI photographic exhibition – urban elements brings new life to a decommissioned space in the city of Bologna: the artist has, in fact, applied the same research sensitivity even for the abandoned spaces of the former STAVECO, a Combustion Vehicles Factory built just outside the historical center of the city in 1796 and now unused. The decadent architecture is silent and inaccessible, but poetic and fascinating among those ruins that represent the historical changes of the territory. The photographic images were transferred by the artist on iron supports, then on that urban element that artificially contributes to the establishment of the structure of the former STAVECO factory. The material used for the exhibition of the photographs strongly refers to the place of the research, it gives importance to the decommissioned building and voice to that silent dialogue between contemporary art and the resistance of a culture. Other photographs have instead been reunited and enriched with details, lines and graphic forms that explain the link between decaying architecture and the geometric perspectives of the place. On the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition RESIDUI – urban scenarios, the photozine RESIDUI # 2 of Livio Ninni, presented in its second edition with the reportage produced at the ex STAVECO in Bologna, is presented.

LIVIO NINNI Livio Ninni was born in Moncalieri (TO) in 1989. His main interests led him to devote himself to urban art, documentary and artistic level: he made several reportages and a portrait project called “OVER THE WALL – portraits of street artists” “. From this project was born a book published in 2014 by “Other Line Editions”, thanks to which Livio received the first prize at NIKON TALENTS 2013. In 2015 he joined the association “Il Cerchio e le Gocce” (very active in the local and national artistic scene), thanks to which he has made important collaborations with various Turinese artists such as Corn79, Etnik, Mr. Fijodor, Vesod and Fabio Petani. His projects focus on urban scenarios, industrial landscapes, abandoned factories, city streets, which stimulate the realization of his works influenced by urban art. A mix of photography and spray painting, which with the photo transfer technique, manages to combine and develop on different materials.


2017 (collective) – Setup Art Fair – Bologna

2016 (collective) – Mesmerize – 618 Art Gallery / Venaria

2014 (solo) – Over the Wall – Studio D’Ars / Milano

2014 (solo) – Over the Wall – Fusion Art Gallery / Torino

2014 (collective) – Street Artists Portraits – MIA Fair (Nikon) / Milano

2013 (collective) – Street Artists Portraits – Artissima Oval Lingotto (Nikon) / Torino

Former STAVECO, Combat Vehicle Plant Built in 1796 just outside the historic center of Bologna, the plant was initially used by the French commanded by Napoleon as a hospital and barracks, together with the nearby Convent of the Annunciation. The creation of the Arsenal is instead due to the Austrians who, once taken control of the city, enlarged the area with new buildings. The military use of the establishment begins with the birth of the Kingdom of Italy, when the Pyrotechnical Laboratory was created in 1880. At the beginning of the 1900s, the Laboratory was one of the major establishments in the city. The end of the Second World War allows the conversion of the plant to a place for the repair of military vehicles, which in 1978 took the name of STAVECO. In 1991, following the transfer of the activity to another area of ​​Bologna, the building was abandoned. Despite the activation of some participatory initiatives and workshops, the building of the former STAVECO is currently left to decay.

Download: comunicato stampa.RESIDUI di Livio Ninni


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